MM""""""""`M                                           M""MMMMMMMM M""M M""MMMMM""M MM""""""""`M
 MM  mmmmmmmM                                           M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMMMM  M MM  mmmmmmmM
 M`      MMMM 88d8b.d8b. .d8888b. .d8888b. .d8888b.     M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMMMP  M M`      MMMM
 MM  MMMMMMMM 88''88'`88 88'  `88 88'  `"" Y8ooooo.     M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMMM' .M MM  MMMMMMMM
 MM  MMMMMMMM 88  88  88 88.  .88 88.  ...       88     M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMP' .MM MM  MMMMMMMM
 MM        .M dP  dP  dP `88888P8 '88888P' '88888P'     M         M M  M M     .dMMM MM        .M

The terminal cursor blinks at you with that friendly familar frequency. Except for this time, things are different. You paste in the following runes, follow the instructions and then launch Emacs:

bash <(curl -fksSL

Energy starts surging through your fingertips. Sparks fly, making the shadows grow and flicker ominously around you. You arch your back and open your eyes as if for the first time. The text appears more vibrant and colourful than you remember. Your fingers dance on the keyboard commanding the cursor with a joyful precision and control.

You lean back and marvel as a shimmering swirl of syntactic and semantic structures project out of the screen and intertwine with a fractal beauty. You watch as meaning recursively unfolds into deeper meaning live in front of your eyes. You feel a deep and lasting synchronicity form as the boundaries between you and your Emacs wash away. You and your Emacs Live.

--> A curated Emacs experience

Emacs Live is a carefully curated Emacs config which transforms vanilla Emacs from simply an incredible editor into an intense experience. The key is in the curation. Unlike other exemplary Emacs config tools such as the Starter Kit and Prelude which are very modular, Emacs Live embodies a holistic approach creating an all-round package. We build on the shoulders of giants and incorporate many independent projects, ensuring that they all work together seamlessly.

--> Programming as performance

We believe that the process of programming is best considered as a performance and Emacs Live is a tool built to explicitly support this act. We place a strong emphasis on live feedback, visual cues and creating a clean uncluttered flow-enhancing distraction-free environment. Emacs Live will make you perform whether you're hacking core.logic in an office or Overtone in a nightclub.

--> Perfect for Clojure hacking

Emacs Live was designed from the ground up to create an insane Clojure hacking experience. It ships with more bang than you can pack into a firework and doesn't need a safety tin: nREPL support, auto completion with fuzzy matching, snippets, docstring lookup, paredit, rainbow parens, the famous cyberpunk colour theme and many more custom modifications. All you need to do is bring along a version of Leiningen 2.0.

--> Power features

Emacs Live doesn't just excel as a Clojure hacking environment, it's an all-round text manipulation power house with a plethora of finely honed features. In addition to many custom modifications, we pack in the amazing undo-tree, a visual kill-ring, gist integration, ace jump mode, multiple cursors, expand region, and much, much more.

--> Trivial installation

Either run the script above, or download the latest release, rename it to ~/.emacs.d and launch Emacs. That's all - joy awaits.

--> Fully documented

Emacs Live is currently going through a Beta phase. There will be full documentation available before 1.0 is released. Watch this space...

--> Mailing List

Join in on the Emacs Live discussion on the mailing list.

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