h3xl3r hacking glsl shaders
Meta-eX Live Coding

VJ Ready

Synchronise your visuals and noise with ease. Overtone features seamless integration with both Quil, a Clojure front-end to Processing and ShaderTone, a Clojure version of ShaderToy an OpenGL glsl shader programming environment.

Live Coding

Overtone has been designed and engineered for live coding. Our lisp heritage means that synthesizers, effects, analysers and musical generators can be programmed and modified live in real time whilst the sound keeps on blasting out. Check out Meta-eX for an example of a band from this future.

Vibrant Community

Overtone is more than just software - it's also a growing community. Not only do we have hundreds of users pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we also have a growing list of contributors hacking with fervour on Overtone's sophisticated internals.