MM""""""""`M                                           M""MMMMMMMM M""M M""MMMMM""M MM""""""""`M
 MM  mmmmmmmM                                           M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMMMM  M MM  mmmmmmmM
 M`      MMMM 88d8b.d8b. .d8888b. .d8888b. .d8888b.     M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMMMP  M M`      MMMM
 MM  MMMMMMMM 88''88'`88 88'  `88 88'  `"" Y8ooooo.     M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMMM' .M MM  MMMMMMMM
 MM  MMMMMMMM 88  88  88 88.  .88 88.  ...       88     M  MMMMMMMM M  M M  MMP' .MM MM  MMMMMMMM
 MM        .M dP  dP  dP `88888P8 '88888P' '88888P'     M         M M  M M     .dMMM MM        .M

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Emacs is like a mountain - don’t run at it with all your might expecting to leap to the top - you will quickly fatigue and your high expectations will become a burden rather than a motivation. Instead, give yourself time and space to steadily progress upwards step by step, and make sure to occasionally stop to enjoy the beautiful views on your way.

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